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Orquesta Z

Argentine Tango Orchestra, and

Founder of Empanada Milonga presenting live music and performances

Orquesta Z performs Piazzolla's Tanti Anni Prima (1984) at Empanada Milonga at St. Clement's  Berkeley on March 13, 2022.

Colleen Henry (piano), Joe Powers (harmonica), Sandy Schniewind (bass), Carol Brave (violin), Ben Jong (bando), Graham Blackburn (sax)

Orquesta Z performs Androgyne + original tango Yo Si Te Quiero at Empanada Milonga in Berkeley on September 12, 2021

Ben Jong (bandoneon/vocal), Barbie Wong (piano), Wakeford Gong (violin), Sandy Schniewind (bass),

Orquesta Z performs Una Vez (Pugliese 1946) at Tango in the Square, Union Square, San Francisco, CA on September 4, 2016.

Sandy Schniewind (bass), Wakeford Gong (violin), V. Perenyi (violin), Barbie Wong (piano), Didem Kurt (kanun), Ben Jong (bandoneon)

Orquesta Z performs Fresedo's 1943 version of Canto Del Amor at the Belrose Milonga in San Rafael, CA on Oct 27, 2013.

Colleen Henry, piano, Sandy Schniewind, double bass, Jim Shallenberger, violin, Carol Braves, violin, Bendrew Jong, vocal

Esta Noche composed by Roberto Russo performed by Orquesta Z at Empanada Milonga, Berkeley, California on 11/9/2014.

Barbie Wong (piano), Sandy Schniewind (Double Bass), Wakeford Gong (violin), and Bendrew Jong (bandoneon)

Orquesta Z live at Burning Tango, McCloud, CA (June 29, 2014)

Barbie Wong (keyboard), Sandy Schniewind (bass), Jim Shallenberger (violin), Gail Machlis (violin), Bendrew Jong (vocal)

Orquesta Z performs Ella Es Así at Empanada Milonga, Berkeley, CA on Feb 7, 2016.

Sandy Schniewind (contrabass), Viki P. (violin), Didem Kurt (kanun), Bendew Jong (bandoneon/vocal), Barbie Wong (piano)

Orquesta Z live at Union Square Live, San Francisco, CA (9/7/2014) performing Balada Para Un Loco by Astor Piazzolla

Barbie Wong (piano), Jim Shallenberger (violin), Carol Braves (violin), Gail Machlis (violin), Bendrew Jong (vocal)

Orquesta Z performing Seduction by Bacalov at the Empanada Milonga in Berkeley, CA on November 9, 2014. 

 Barbie Wong (piano), Sandy Schniewind (double bass), Wakeford Gong (violin), Bendrew Jong (bandoneon)

Original tango performed by Orquesta Z at Empanada Milonga in Berkeley, California on April 4, 2015.

Music: Bendrew Jong Lyrics: Cristina Bensaduon

Orquesta Z (3/24/2013) at Empanada Milonga, Berkeley, CA

Bendrew Jong, vocal, Resh Michael Ortega, bandoneon, Carol Braves, violin, Jim Shearer, double bass, Rebecca Trujillo, piano

Orquesta Z (4/28/2013) at Empanada Milonga, Berkeley, CA performs Campo Afuera (1939) by Rodolfo Biagi y Homero Manzi.

Colleen Henry piano, Jim Shearer bass, Carol Braves, Ingrid Burger & Jim Shallenberger violins, Resh Michael Ortega bandoneon, 

Bendrew Jong vocal